Volunteers are extremely important in making it possible to run the sessions at Gloucester. A variety of roles depending upon experience of skiing and working with disability are on offer to you.

It maybe:

manning the emergency button at the top or bottom of the slope, a highly important role to ensure the safety of the skiers on the button lift;

skiing alongside giving encouragement and support or tethering a new skier;

or even working with one of the bucket seats and giving someone an exilerating ride to the bottom of the slope.

If you enjoy skiing and interacting with people you will not be disappointed by the experience. Passing your love of an exciting sport to someone else is a priceless gift we can all give. Just seeing a smile, laugh or in some cases an ear piercing scream of excitement will prove to be extremely rewarding and satisfying.

Volunteering is also a fantastic way to develop great communication skills, make new friends, gain confidence, all of which are skills which can be used throughout your life.

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